Teaching approach

What does your team need?

All Great Question courses are written in collaboration with the people who need them.

When you commission a course, we work with you to make sure that the learning aligns to the changes that will benefit your team – whether it’s enhanced knowledge, improved skills, or a change in attitude.

How it works

  1. You identify a learning area you’d like your team to develop in
  2. I meet with you to discuss your needs, and propose a learning solution
  3. I develop a draft course
  4. We run a pilot session of the draft course
  5. Participants submit feedback
  6. I refine and improve the course
  7. I deliver a copy of the course, including all teaching materials and handouts, to you
  8. I offer a ‘white label’ version of the course to other clients

Price and process

When you commission a course, you only pay for the development costs.

The ‘pilot’ is always free – no matter how many people want to attend.

This structure solves two problems:

  1. For people who commission a course, it means the learning content will align to real needs
  2. For people who choose an existing course, it means all learning content has been tested and validated

The price of commissioning a course is very similar to that of running an existing course.

Ask about commissioning a course